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15 Home Decor 3D printing ideas in 2021

Among the very many things that can be 3D printed are items for home decor. From the innumerable available items for 3D printing, we bring to you handpicked best functional ideas for your home decor. Hence, you can either 3D print these designs right away. Or, you can make edits to these existing designs for creating something unique. Later, print these using your home 3D printer and make your house beautiful and attractive. So, let’s get started.

1) Crinkle Lamp

Crinkle Lamp-

Light up the dark corners of your place with this Crinkle Lamp. Bring new light into your place and hence new energy into your life. The light coming from this lamp is translucent and the design of this lamp is stylish enough to suit the decorum of your place. Download the 3D design file of this Crinkle Lamp from Thingiverse.

2) Modular Super Mario Bros Paper Towel and Napkin Holder

Modular Super Mario Bros Paper Towel and Napkin Holder

If you have made up your mind about not finding any cool idea for a napkin or towel holder, rethink! Here is a paper towel cum napkin holder based on the theme of the game of the heyday Super Mario Bros. Fix this holder and let your friends know how cool you are. You can download the 3D design file of it from Thingiverse.

3) Monitor Shelf

Monitor Shelf

Here is an amazing way to utilize that space of your place that almost remains unutilized. Install this monitor shelf to keep on it a collection of DVD’s, books, and a lot more. The 3D design of this monitor shelf is available on Thingiverse and it can be used with flat-screen Televisions and Laptops.

4) Self-watering plant

Self-watering plant

If there is only one thing that you can adopt from these fifteen home decor ideas, we recommend you go for this one. The 3D design file of this self-watering plant is available for download on Thingiverse in two parts. It is sophisticated and tactile and prevents you from neglecting the plants at your place.

5) Pegboard collection

Pegboard collection

There are times when you wish to clean the desk without losing the space. For these times you need some arrangement to accommodate the desk-accessories. In these times this customizable board can be extremely handy. Print it after downloading the 3D design file from MyMiniFactory.

6) Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand

If a survey is conducted in which the number of people who have broken a headphone by placing it in a random manner at their place is calculated, it’ll be accounting to too many. Why keep your headphones randomly when you can get a 3D printed headphone stand by downloading the 3D design file of it from Thingiverse?

7) Pen and Pencil Holder

Pen and Pencil Holder

Let’s face it! Without a pen and pencil holder at your desk, everything stays scattered and unorganized. And it gets difficult to find specifically a pen or a pencil when the need arises. Change your bad habit of scattering it all over your desk by downloading the 3D design of this pen and pencil holder from Cults and then printing it.

8) Wall Flower Mount

Wall Flower Mount

When you are hanging out in a cafe and happen to see a wallflower mount, you love it, don’t you? How about getting that for your own place? This would make you fall in love with your wall even more than you already do. You can download the 3D design file of it from Thingiverse.

9) Letter Board

Letter Board

Places are non-living but the people present inside it are very living and often want to express something or the other to each other in different manners. This letter board, the 3D design file of which you can download from Thingiverse will let you print a tool on which you will be able to express your love, anger, and other emotions without directly speaking to them.

10) Spiral Vases

Spiral Vases

Available in different colors, these spiral vases are something you can get for your place. Not only will they increase the aesthetics level of your place but also provide you a suitable place for keeping flowers. Download the 3D design file of it from Cults and get it printed.

11) Nuke Lamp with stand

Nuke Lamp with stand

Have a hobby of reading books? Download the 3D design file of this Nuke Lamp with stand from Thingiverse. Its shape depicts a nuclear explosion just the enlightening explosion that it will bring to the dark corners of your place.

12) Unicorn Trophy

Unicorn Trophy

Fix it at the entrance of your door or keep it on your entrance table, it will scare anyone trying to enter your place without your permission. This Unicorn Trophy has just the exact amount of excellence in its surface finish as much as any corner of your place. Download the 3D design file of it from Thingiverse and get it printed.

13) Arcade Button Switch

Arcade Button Switch

Don’t you feel that one of the most boring things to look at in a place is at the switchboards? Anywhere you go, they are all the same. Download the 3D design file of Arcade Button Switch from Thingiverse and get it printed for making your place’s switchboard stand out from others.

14) Astronaut Wall Sculpture 2D

Astronaut Wall Sculpture 2D

For adding life to your non-living wall download the 3D design file of this Astronaut Wall Sculpture 2D from Thingiverse and get it printed for your home decor.

15) Coral Lamp

Coral Lamp

If you do not like the design of the lamp mentioned above, download the 3D design file of the Coral Lamp from MyMiniFactory and get it printed.

The Conclusion

Above mentioned 3D design files are also meant to increase the aesthetics and decorum of your place.

Learn more about Best Websites to Download 3D Printing Designs for Free here:

Because they are 3D printed, they are not standard pieces of artwork that you can find in any home. Bringing any of these to your home means ensuring that your home is going to stand out from many others on your street. So, what are you waiting for? Download your favorite design and 3D print it right away.

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