A double eyelid refers to a form of eyelid which has visible double creases. Some people are born with double eyelid creases, while others are born with single eyelid. Single eyelids are also known as monolids.

There is nothing really wrong with having a double or a single eyelid crease. However, some people wish to have a double eyelid surgery in order to create double creases in their eyes.


People who are looking to create double eyelid surgeries in their eyes require to go through the procedure of double eyelid surgery. The following are some of the reasons why one may want or require a double eyelid surgery:

  1. Your eyelids are causing interference with your visual experience.
  2. You have one eye with a double eyelid and one with single. You want them to match.
  3. It becomes easy to try different makeup styles with double eyelids.

This is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries that take place in East Asia.


Double eyelid surgery can be performed in two ways:

  1. Incisional procedure
  2. Non-incisional procedure


The surgeon, before the surgery, will create markings in your eyes. Then, the patient is administered with general anaesthesia.

The marked incisions are  treated and removed. The muscle known as orbicularis oculi muscle and fat tissue is removed. After the process of removal of the said muscle and fat tissues, the incisions are closed.

To close the incisions, stitches are made or medical adhesion is used. The stitches need to be removed after four to five days of the surgery.

The incisional procedure is useful for people who are looking for a permanent result and want to get extra skin removed from the eyelid area.


The non-incisional procedure of double eyelid surgery is also known as buried suture technique. Just like incisional procedure, in this procedure as well, incisions are marked and anaesthesia is administered on the patient.

The incisions are made in the eyelid area and punctures are made in the skin along the marked lines. Sutures are then inserted in the incisions and they remain out of sight. You do not have to return to the surgeon to get those sutures removed.

Non-incisional procedure causes less scarring and is a reversible process. This is a useful process if you do not want extra fat removed and you may want to revoke the surgery in the future.

The healing time after this surgery can last for up to two to three weeks. However, it takes a few months before the results start showing up completely. During the recovery period, there are a few symptoms that you may experience:

  • bleeding from the incision
  • bruising of the eye
  • pain in the eye

These symptoms are temporary. However, if they continue to persist, you should contact your surgeon.

You must consult your doctor in order to understand the pros and cons of the double eyelid surgery. You must also talk to your doctor to know if you’re an eligible candidate for the surgery.

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