High-End Beard Styles To Keep Your Facial Hair On Flick

The sheer range of beard styles existing nowadays guarantees that you will find the look that matches your requirements and traits. However, there are so many of them, that you can spend ages looking for the right facial hair style. This may give you a sense of frustration and result in giving up on the whole idea. To prevent that from happening, we collected the most fashionable and sought-after facial hair styles as of today and explained who they suit as well as how to maintain them.

The Stubble Beard

The stubble is considered one of the trendiest beard styles, the complete list of which we posted on our website MensHairCuts. And there is a good reason for this. It is versatile and low-maintenance, so you can flaunt it both to work and on casual weekends without spending much time on upkeep.

Who Is It for?

Anyone basically. Whether you have thin facial hair or thick, patchy or even, you can rest assured that it is going to work for you. Yet, men with softer and weaker facial features will find it the most beneficial, as a stubble beard makes you look more mature and masculine straightaway.


Pretty easy actually. Just remember to trim it every now and then and apply your favorite beard conditioner to keep the hairs groomed and hydrated.

The Goatee Beard

This effortless yet impactful beard style has been a signature look for both intellectual social class and rock stars as well as rebels and ruffians. You will not confuse it with any other, as it only features hair on the chin and above the upper lip while leaving the cheeks clean-shaven.

Who Is It for?

Like with all beard styles, it is totally up to you to decide whether to go for it or not. Though, if you experience difficulties growing out an even, full beard or want to elongate your face, a goatee is your sure bet. 


Even though a goatee does not incorporate much facial hair, it is more difficult to maintain than it seems. To keep the outline defined, you will need to trim it using the edging blade regularly.

Black Men Beard

Black men can usually boast of thick and dense facial hair. Thus, their beard has a regular and even pattern. That said, it would be a real shame not to take advantage of it. A black men beard is a surefire way to give your appearance a new definition.

Who Is It for?

Obviously, this facial beard style is made for guys with a deep skin tone and dark hair. Yet, if you feel that you will be able to pull it off, no one can stop you.


Although there is no universal way to keep your black beard in check, as it greatly depends on the style you are going to choose, there are several simple rules to follow. Take care to give your beard a trim once you notice that it looks unkempt and do not forget to apply a beard oil regularly for a healthy and shiny appearance of your facial hair.

The Beardstache

The beardstache offers a happy medium between a full beard and a stubble. Its defining feature is a full and long mustache that creates contrast with the rest of the hair. As it looks unique and bold, it becomes a perfect option for guys who choose to stand out in the crowd.

Who Is It for?

As we mentioned earlier, it is a beard style of choice for daring and fashion forward men. So, if you feel like one, go for it.


As this is basically two facial hair styles in one, you will need to treat it accordingly. To create the look, you can either grow out a full beard and then trim all the hair on the chin and cheeks down, leaving a short stubble, or allow your whiskers to grow while keeping the rest of the facial hair trimmed. To maintain the beardstache, all you need to do is to keep up the achieved look using the trimmer.

On that note, while obviously, no one can tell you what beard style to sport, we sincerely hope that our guide has provided you with a fair dose of inspiration on your next facial hair look. Remember, all beard styles can always be adjusted to your very preferences and tastes. Just allow your imagination and the info you learned from us to be your guide.

Source: MensHairCuts

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