Birds of Paradise by Russian wig designer arrives in Brooklyn


We want to feel beautiful, stylish, well-groomed, to be different every day, but always be ourselves. In creating fashion collections, designers must subtly feel the world of women to give them happiness. The founder of the brand of exclusive wigs, Shopfans Wig, Tatiana Shefer, creates products that help women express themselves. Femininity, beauty, lightness, individuality, and quality are the hallmarks of Shefer designer wigs.

The Russian brand Shopfans Wig appeared in 2015 and quickly began a successful expansion of the fashion market in Russia and far beyond its borders. Under the leadership of Shefer, modern models of wigs are produced, the design and quality of which, beyond the time frame, always remain relevant and find a place in the personal wardrobes of hundreds of thousands of famous fashionistas from all over the world. “Every woman strives to emphasize her individuality and beauty. Our mission is to give women the freedom of choice and the opportunity to easily and without negative consequences for their hair experiment with the length, color, and shape of their hair, find their style, create spectacular images, and change,” says Tatiana Shefer, the ideological inspirer and author of design wigs Shopfans Wig.

The designer is known for being the first to use innovative technologies to create exclusive models of natural hair wigs, not templates. Tatiana also donates wigs to needy women who have lost their hair in the fight against cancer or alopecia. She collaborates with various charitable foundations, conducts educational work based on hospitals, helping women regain faith in their attractiveness – she talks about the features of wigs, the critical aspects of choosing models, creating a stylish image, and teaches the basics of caring for this accessory. Tatiana Shefer has another vital and exciting hobby – styling fashion shows. The beginning of this hobby was an invitation from the leadership of Fashion Week Brooklyn to volunteer to join the team of stylists for the performances of the March Fashion Week in Brooklyn. “Who would refuse such an offer – to become one of the stylists of the second most important American Fashion Week after New York Fashion Week. This is an opportunity to express yourself brightly at a status fashion event in America, to realize your creative potential in a new direction and discover new development prospects,” Shefer shared.

Especially for Fashion Week Brooklyn, the Russian designer has prepared a unique collection of author’s wigs under the alluring title “Birds of Paradise.” The new design experience of Tatiana Shefer is a riot of colors, experiments with the shape and color of hair, exclusive wigs with various decorations – multi-colored strands, colorful feathers. In working on this fashion collection of wigs, Shefer showed all her skills not only as a wig designer but also as a colorist and presented unique combinations of color shades, thereby setting the tone for the trends of the upcoming spring-summer fashion season – brightness, optimism, femininity. And ease of transformation. Thanks to the author’s wigs from the Birds of Paradise collection, Fashion Week Brooklyn catwalk looks were conceptually solid and emphasized the uniqueness of the presented clothing collections. The experts noted the unique atmosphere of the past shows, calling the images created by the stylist’s art objects. And in many ways, this is the merit of Tatiana Shefer and her designer wigs, which became a real hit at Brooklyn Fashion Week. For this, her collection of wigs, “Birds of Paradise,” will be presented at the upcoming international art fair Art Basel Miami Beach. And Tatiana Shefer has already been approved as a volunteer stylist for the forthcoming seasons of Fashion Week Brooklyn.

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