Can balayage hair extensions blend with your black hair?

Balayage hair extensions are increasingly becoming popular, and with good reason. That said, I’m sure you are probably wondering whether or not to purchase balayage hair extensions if you have black hair. The answer is yes. With black hair, you don’t always have to buy black hair extensions. Take your chance and experiment with color without necessarily changing your natural hair.

What is balayage hair extensions?

The name balayage originated from a French word that means ‘sweep.’ Balayage hair extensions are a type of hair extensions where the dye is highlighted gradually to give it a natural look. However, not all the ends will be affected in the balayage hair extension. But don’t confuse balayage with ombre hair extensions.

Ombre hair extensions has the same coloring technique as the balayage with a slight difference. With the ombre hair extensions, all the ends will be affected. More importantly, the transition from the deep color to the light is pretty short compared to the balayage.  Let’s take a look at some examples of balayage extensions available in the market today.

Balayage hair extensions that blend well with black hair

1.     Balayage Dark Brown

If you are in the mood for a natural sun-kissed hairdo all year round, then the balayage dark brown got you covered. The best part about this clip-in is that it will seamlessly connect with your black hair. The balayage dark brown will also give you that rich long hair that you’ve always wanted.

2.     Balayage Mochachino Brown

Balayage mochachino brown is another clip-in extensions that will make your hair longer and fuller. In the end, once you’ve added this clip-in, your hair will have that healthy look. Hands down! The balayage mochachino brown is the undisputed winner of hair transformations.

3.     Balayage Medium Brown

This hair extension is perfect for accentuating that long hair effect with a color change that still looks elegant. Black hair is ideal for this balayage medium brown extension. With this extension, you can now focus on colors that brighten your face when choosing your makeup without any worry. The bouncy edges are a plus for this look.

4.     Balayage Brown/Honey Blonde

Lastly is the Balayage brown/honey Blonde. Most people are skeptical about this color, but I can assure you the final result is totally worth it. This color will easily complement your skin complexion while, at the same time, enhancing your eyes. Even if you are going for this blonde hair extensions, you can still maintain a soft and subtle look. All it takes is the heart to experiment with different colors.

Where to get the ideal Balayage hair extensions?

The best place to get human hair extensions at a fair price without any up charges is at MHOT. And that’s not all! MHOT offers free shipping to all over the world. What’s more, you can also get a 60-day return policy if you didn’t like the set.

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