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A Review of Brilliant Earth Wedding Bands

If you are shopping for wedding bands, and you pride yourself on being a responsible consumer, you have probably come across Brilliant Earth in your quest. Brilliant Earth is a fine jewelry company that prides itself on responsible sourcing of diamonds and gemstones, as well as sustainable mining practices.

In this Brilliant Earth review, we will explore whether the wedding bands from Brilliant Earth are worth the price. The answer to that question will depend on how seriously you take responsible consumerism, and how seriously you take your commitment to the environment. Supporting businesses that are taking active steps to improve the world helps many consumers feel better about where and how they spend their money.

Brilliant Earth promises conflict-free diamonds, meaning that the diamonds they sell are guaranteed to surpass the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly Process is what many jewelers use to define their diamonds as conflict-free.  The Kimberly Process defines conflict diamonds as diamonds that finance rebel movements against recognized governments. Brilliant Earth goes beyond this definition to ensure their diamonds do not come from any source that is involved in human rights abuses or environmental degradation. 

Any company can make claims about environmental responsibility, giving back to the community, and responsible sourcing. How do you, as the consumer, know if they are telling the truth? Brilliant Earth makes it easy. They are members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, which is the industry standard for ethical practices in the jewelry industry. You can also visit the Giving Back page on Brilliant Earth to see where and how they fund projects that give back to communities around the globe.

Wedding Bands

Brilliant Earth offers a wide array of engagement rings and wedding bands for men and women. When searching for the perfect wedding bands, you can choose from platinum, white, rose, or yellow gold. Wedding bands range from the classic simple lines to those with diamonds or gemstones set into the bands.

The company uses primarily recycled precious metals to reduce the impacts of mining so that you can feel better about the environmental impact of your purchase. Gold mining, in particular, has a history of hurting the environment and promoting human rights abuses. Reducing the amount of gold being mined, by using recycled gold, means your money will not be supporting harmful practices.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are intended to be worn for a lifetime. In respect for quality that should last a lifetime, Brilliant Earth offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. They also offer a free lifetime diamond upgrade, meaning that they will apply the original purchase price of a loose diamond toward any new purchase of a diamond that is at least fifty percent greater in value.  Life and financial circumstances change over time. Buying from Brilliant Earth means you can buy a more expensive diamond at any point in the future and receive the full trade-in value of the original diamond.

A proposal is an important life event that is never forgotten. Brilliant Earth has a solution that allows you to purchase the diamond of your choosing while having it put in a temporary set of plain white gold. You can plan the proposal of your dreams but return with your partner within 60 days so that they can be involved in choosing the permanent setting for the diamond.

Many couples choose to have their wedding bands engraved. Some want just the date of their wedding, while others wish to engrave a special message. Brilliant Earth charges a small flat fee of $40 for engraving, so you can personalize your wedding band with the message you choose.

The pricing at Brilliant Earth is comparable to what you will find at most fine jewelry stores, so responsible consumerism doesn’t mean paying a premium for jewelry. For those who are budget conscious, who don’t want to participate in the diamond trade, or who simply prefer the look of lab-made diamonds, Brilliant Earth offers a broad selection of lab-made diamonds.

Whatever your preferred style or precious metal, Brilliant Earth offers a wide selection. The find my matching wedding ring tool allows you to customize the engagement ring of your choice then use the tool to find the perfect wedding band to match. Wedding bands symbolize eternal love, and choosing a ring that you and your partner will feel good about wearing is important.

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