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5 Tips to Have Fun Seeing Christmas Lights as a Family

One of the best parts of Christmastime is the opportunity to get out with your family and make some lasting memories together. One of our absolutely favorite things to do is see the Christmas lights and displays that people put out. Not only is this a totally free activity, but your children will be mystified and amazed by the spectacle. So what do you need to do to make sure your outing is a success? Check out our top 5 tips to help you have as much fun as possible seeing Christmas lights as a family!

Time It Right

If you’re hoping to avoid crowds during your family outing, we recommend getting out to see the lights on a weeknight. Most prefer to go on a weekend for various reasons, but if you can fit it into your weeknight schedule, you’ll find that this is when the streets are less crowded and you’re able to more fully enjoy the lights and displays. You’ll also want to consider your children’s schedules. Make sure you have enough time to drive to your destination, park, enjoy the lights, and make it back in time for a reasonable bedtime routine.

Wear Layers

One vital key to truly being able to enjoy your outing is to make sure everyone is properly dressed for the evening. Having the right kind of outerwear is a game changer when it comes to winter activities, so make sure everyone has layers and coats to keep them warm and cozy as you walk around in the evening chill. Jack Wolfskin outdoor clothing is a great way to go, and with options for every member of the family, you’ll find that this is your easy one-stop-shop for family outerwear.

Have the Right Stroller

If you have little ones in tow, having the right kind of stroller will be an absolute must for your family outing. Keep your babies and toddlers comfortable in one of these Ergobaby strollers and have confidence in the fact that they will stay snug and safe. Not only will this help you keep the smallest members of your family comfortable, but it will also provide a space for you to store security blankets, stuffed animals, and other items that you as a parent always find yourself in charge of when on an outing with the family.

Stock Up on Treats

One major component of a successful family outing is having plenty of snacks and treats on hand for everyone to enjoy. Christmastime brings with it a slew of fun, unique treats that we highly recommend you take advantage of. This is an easy way to elevate the holiday magic for your kids, so be sure to get some hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, and candy wrapped in red and green for them to munch on during your evening family outing. If you’re feeling adventurous, try making some special treats yourself!

Do a Scavenger Hunt

Looking for ways to keep your kids captivated while admiring the Christmas lights? If they’re old enough, you might consider doing a Christmas light scavenger hunt together! There are plenty of scavenger hunt options that you can snag online, or make one yourself. Include things such as lights in specific colors, characters, lights on things other than houses, etc. Your kids will love the opportunity to check off all the items on their scavenger hunt!

So as you prepare for this fun holiday outing, consider what you can do to make it as successful as possible. Make sure you’re properly equipped with all the right tools, from jackets to Christmas treats, and get out there and make some holiday memories with your family!

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