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Engagement Ring Trends in 2021

Young couples have spent the past year wondering when they will get to pop the question. They’ve waiter to buy their engagement rings, they’ve waited to plan their proposal, and they’ve waited for society to start opening back up so they will be able to have their dream wedding with their family and friends. Well, if 2020 was the year of waiting, 2021 is the year of love, because engagement season is back, and it’s going to last all 12 months.

That means it’s time to pick out a ring. With such a long wait for the big moment, let’s wait no longer. Here are your 2021 engagement ring trends, all of which could be found on this website.

Vintage Rings

There is no better way to honor your loved on than with a vintage engagement ring. NBA superstar Kevin Love gave his fiancé and model Kate Bock a gorgeous vintage inspired ring. “It’s gorgeous,” she told People Magazine. “I couldn’t love it more! It’s a vintage diamond cut from the 1930s for Cartier and it’s set in a very chic vintage Cartier setting.”

Rings like Bock’s are becoming trendier in 2021 as people want to pay homage to the loved ones of their past.

In late 2020 Ariana Grande got engaged with a unique ring that paid tribute to her grandmother. In addition to a beautiful diamond, Grande’s ring included a pearl, a tribute to the gift her late grandmother gave her before she passed.

If you’re looking for a great ring to pick out, think of how you can go vintage with it. 

Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold is typically found in 18 karats, which means it’s 75% gold, 25% copper, which gives it the awesome rosy color that has become so trendy. Much like vintage rings, rose gold offers the opportunity to pick out an engagement ring for your girlfriend that is very unique. White gold, yellow gold and even platinum rings are more popular than rose gold, which is why the trend is starting. Be on the lookout for rose gold engagements in 2021. 

Custom Rings

Like Ariana Grande, custom engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. With online retailers like Ritani offering the custom ring experience where you can work with one of their designers to create the ring of your dreams, this isn’t just an avenue for the rich and famous anymore.

Design a ring however you want it to look, and you will be guaranteed to have something unique. Sure, it might cost you a little bit more for this service than for a preset engagement ring, but isn’t love worth it?

These trends are sure to take of in 2021, but we ask you – what are you looking forward to in this new year? Are there any jewelry trends you see on the horizon? Let us know!

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