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Is Fashion Communication Better Than Textile Designing?

Establishing a career in the fashion industry is a dream for many. There is much cause for this industry to be at the forefront of career aspirants’ minds – after all, seldom do other fields offer such scope for creative thought. Plus, today, the fashion industry has no dearth of career options, something which was quite limited to fashion designers and stylists earlier.

Of the many career choices, many aspirants dangle between fashion communication, which is relatively new, and textile designing, which has existed for centuries. So, is there a clear winner between the two? Let’s find out.

Understanding each of the two career fields

All kinds of businesses, be it in the fashion industry or otherwise, need more than mere development of solid products and services. What makes their offerings truly marketable is the way these brands are presented before the world, in this case, fashion enthusiasts. This is what people know as advertising, in short. Fashion communication, though in and of itself, is a relatively novel career option, it is merely the old-school yet the not-so-old-school study of using creative brand promotion strategies. The way that this field sits outside the conventional box is by having a number of different and advanced methods under its umbrella – fashion photography, graphic design, and visual merchandising, et al.  So, fashion communicators help fashion brands in communicating their message across to their target audience in an eye-catching, enticing, and creative manner.

As far as textile designing is concerned, this is a highly technical field. There has been a point in all of our lives when we’ve been mesmerised and totally awe-inspired by a fabric and its design. The very first thought that makes a home in our minds is, “How is that made?” Well, textile designing is the field wherein one learns all the ins-and-outs of designing one-of-a-kind fabric designs, patterns, and prints. Many may argue that textile designing is an art form, which it is, and like every art form, one that is best practiced within the confines of certain technical boundaries. An aspiring textile designer will be given thorough knowledge of different types of fabrics and how each drapes, the kind of designs to be used (bold and large or pastel and subtle?), and finally, creating those prints or patterns onto the fabric with precision.

Fashion communication vs textile designing: Just like night and day

When it comes to the comparison of the two career fields, this is a wholly subjective matter. Why? Because there is a world of difference between the two fields, one being independent of the other. As far as the economic aspect is concerned, both fields, even though fashion communication is relatively new, offer immense scope and are lucrative options.

Now, coming to the challenging aspect of each – textile designing can seem to be a little more challenging for those who struggle to balance technicalities with creativity. Fashion communication, on the other hand, is largely a creative field, offering wide flexibility to experiment with design campaigns and what the fashion communicator deems best for their brand’s image and presence. Textile designers are called to practice their creativity within strict technical boundaries, something which may come off as a little too restrictive for some; however, there is immense scope within those boundaries to experiment and develop original and marketable textiles.

No matter the field, it is important to acquire a thorough understanding of the industry and its demands via professional courses. If aspirants wish to learn fashion communication courses offered by reputed institutions such as the Pearl Academy are extremely pivotal in shaping them into successful brand managers, graphic designers, art directors, and more. Similarly, opting for a textile designing course is crucial to learn all technical aspects of designing – fabric types, dos, and don’ts for each fabric, design methods, application, etc.

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