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Ola! Folks, readers, audiences, writers, and the experts, welcome to the BnF Blog a.k.a., the Beauty & Fashion Blog. Fashion “write for us”, beauty, and entertainments are our world. Welcome, be our Fashion “write for us” blogger.

Are you getting bored in this pandemic situation? Does your fashion insights need to brush off the junks? Besides, is ‘writing’ your hobby?

Then, why not enter our BnF world and explore yourself as a fashion + write for us + guest post writer? In fact, enhance your very own insights into writing and helping others who are in dire need of your beautiful ideas.


We all are acquainted with fashion so well in all the eras. It’s high time to work yourself up again, and come out slowly, of course following safety measures and gain back your place in the outside world.

BnF Blog is searching for fashionistas, alias the fashion experts, designers, or lovers, what so on we call them, for our fashion “write for us”. We seek genuine and innovative writers for our fashion blog. We have openings for other domains as well.

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Our Other Domains-

Beauty “write for us”
Fitness “write for us”
Lifestyle “write for us”
Health & Wellness “write for us”
Technology “write for us”
Trends “write for us”
Entertainment “write for us”

If you see yourself as furbished enough as in for the other domains, then step up, and write to us.

Why Work (Fashion + “Write For Us”) For Us?

We are seeking bloggers that can present amazing content to us for self-appreciation or branding. It is a both side win-win plan. You will be helping us to raise good quality works and in exchange, Beauty & Fashion Blog will help you promote your own fashion “write for us” blogging site or biz.

We will connect you to essential audiences, hence, gain more exposure for your work and get a link to your bio which contains your links that will be shown at the bottom of all your posts. And, it is our responsibility to assure that your article looks pro, SEO efficient, and matches our top-notch composition guidelines.



Post Content  Fashion + “Write For Us”

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We will be eager to strain with you and publish your created pitch for our readers, if you are enthralled in fashion write for us guest post. However, there are some rules for a pitch to be published on BnF Blog.

Articles based on Fashion + write for us should belong to any of these categories-

  1. Latest Trends and Fashion Tips
  2. Fashion For Work
  3. History of Fashion
  4. Fashion Designers

The article (fashion + write for us) cannot only be based on an advertisement for any product or the corresponding of a sponsored talk. It must be a work that is meant to be helpful to readers. The post must show that you originally have created this post and you are well-versed to what you are discussing.

To make your work get selected, you should learn what kind of stuff we are into. With this in mind, you got to read our site as well as other fashion+write for us+ guest blogging sites.

Article Types- fashion + “write for us”

  • High heels vs. Flats.
  • Animal prints.
  • Korean street style fashion.
    And, so on.

Guidelines for fashion guest blogging

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  • Firstly, the article must be original and not published earlier, either on the internet or in newspapers, magazines, or books.
  • The pitch should be at least more than 420+ words.
  • Whatever happens, the article should be grammatically error-free.
  • Each paragraph should have less than five sentences.
  • Then, any plagiarism is a big No.
  • The use of U.S. English is mandatory.
  • Write the article in Microsoft Word format.
  • Furthermore, write well-researched contents.
  • Make your pitch or fashion blog guest post’s target reader-oriented.
  • Besides, try to make the use of a maximum active voice.
  • Make the article (fashion + write for us submit a guest post) as simply palatable as possible granting them more understandable, the more good readability.
  • Above all, cut short huge paragraphs and use more sub-headings. A first heading is a must.
  • Articles with picture(HD), GIFs, and related videos are mostly to get selected and published first.
  • It is better if you can provide pictures and videos, though it’s optional; Further, we can certainly take care of it with our skilled editorial staff.
  • Last but not least, you may provide us your link for adding it to your bio page, moreover, for post teasers.
  • Consequently, the right to alter or reject any article (fashion+write for us+ guest post) is reserved for the BnF Blog.

Submission Strategy

To begin with, send us one of your recent photo attached with your brief bio.

Does your guest article or fashion “write for us” post mandate to all the above rules? If YES, then become our fashion + “write for us” + guest post blogger.

You can submit (fashion + write for us + guest post) article to us at the following address: Mail us. Hurry!

However, you can also search for us directly by typing fashion + “write for us” Beauty & Fashion Blog on Google.

Note – We keep on receiving a lot of article requests, and we aim to get in touch with all. We will connect to you within 7 days.


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