Top Tips for Hosting the Perfect Cocktail Party

Picture this. The pandemic is over. Everybody is vaccinated and are hugging each other like there is no tomorrow. Many of us will just be content with the knowledge that we could have someone over if we really wanted to, and others will be relishing in post-lockdown parties that could give even Hannibal Lecter and The Great Gatsby a run for their money. If you are one of the deprived souls that missed out on their favorite cocktails in the pandemic but are not quite ready to face the sheer chaos that will be the rooftop bars and clubs when they open again, you might wonder how you can reconcile the two. We have the answer for you!

This piece will offer you some top tips on how you can host the perfect cocktail party right in the comfort of your own home.

Stock up On Spirits

A cocktail party without any spirits is one thing only- a disaster. While we absolutely must cater for our non-alcoholic drinking friends, having a variety of spirits almost exclusively contributes to how many varieties of cocktails that can be made. For best results, do your research online and pick out some spirits that make the popular favorites, so you can be sure there will be a cocktail there that someone will like. And if you are feeling a little daring, why not purchase some untraditional spirits and mixers so people can get creative.

Get Fresh Ingredients

One of the best things about a cocktail over other alcoholic drinks is all the fancy fresh trimmings that come with it. Be sure to stock up on fresh herbs such as mint and basil, and do not forget the fruit either! Prepare them into slices ready to be served in or on the side of drinks for that authentic touch – not to mention that they also taste delicious.

Let Someone Else Do it

We have all been making our own drinks for at least a year now, so is it not time that we treat ourselves to a bit of luxury? If cocktails and cocktail parties are your thing, but making them along with making a mess is not, then just take it all out of the equation and opt for a hired bartender from eventbartenders.com. That way, you can enjoy any cocktail your heart desires without you or anyone else having to lift a finger, and you can have that much needed catch up with everyone you have been waiting for.

Nice and Varied Glassware

If you are hosting a cocktail party at home, there is no need to worry about what glassware matches for what – just get creative. There are plenty of cheap cocktail glasses of all shapes and sizes that you can get from places such as Walmart or Target, which will serve you perfectly for one evening and beyond. It also means when you invent your own cocktails, you can choose a glass you love, not just one that is traditionally designated to go with the drink.

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