How to Dress Like a Cowboy: A Style Guide

Howdy partner! Are you ready to look like the cowboys that helped expand US territories in the 1800s?

Being a cowboy is so much more than an attitude or reputation; it’s also about how you look and carry yourself. The iconic boots, a big belt buckle, and the right hat aren’t the only things you need to nail your western look.

Get ready to learn how to dress like a cowboy with this style guide.

Shoes Are Everything

The first thing you need to buy to look like an official cowboy is a pair of boots. It’s the first, most identifiable element of the perfect cowboy style. Look for a good, solid leather boot that has a hard wooden heel. Don’t worry; the heel isn’t real wood; it’s stacked leather.

Expect to take some time to wear them in; they will take some time to get used to them. The heels have to have a sharp toe that can be fitted for a stirrup.

Hats off to You

After the shoes, you have to choose the right hat for you. Don’t skimp here; go for a high-quality hat from a reputable company, like Outback Trading Company. Back in the day, cowboy hats had high crowns and flat brims. This has changed slightly over the years to include some extra styles and features like buckle sets or studs.

Don’t forget to match your hat to the rest of your ensemble, so you get an authentic look.

The Perfect Shirt

Reach for anything plaid or denim that has fringe or embroidery. If you find a shirt with snap pockets and over-the-top embroidery, you’re on the right track. Just don’t forget to tuck your shirt into your pants to show off that belt buckle.

The Jeans

If you’re not wearing denim jeans, you’re not a cowboy. Look for strong, sturdy blue jeans that have a true rough-and-tumble look. Be sure to choose boot-cut jeans that flare at the bottom.

If you’re trying to be a modern cowboy, you can get away with darker, slim-fitting jeans but remember they absolutely have to be blue.

Accessories and Belt Buckle

The most iconic accessory to complete your cowboy style is the large belt buckle. From there, you can dazzle your outfit with studded belts and intricate leatherwork or embossing.

When choosing a belt buckle, remember to think about how it will look with the rest of your ensemble. It’s the foundation of your look, so start shopping here first and build the rest around it.

How to Dress Like a Cowboy? Now You Know

Now that you know how to dress like a cowboy, it’s time to giddy up and go! Start shopping to put your ensemble together, and remember to find matching colors, and always wear blue jeans.

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