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How to Heal Your Tattoo Fast (Step by Step Process)

A new tattoo is an open wound so you have to take proper care of it in initial days because the skin becomes very sensitive and a little mistake will ruin your tattoo experience.

Healing your new tattoo is very challenging task as you have to look for several things that will boost the process of your tattoo healing. Even changing some daily activities and taking deep attention on them will make your task quite easy.

So in this article, we will mention step-by- step methods that will helps in fast healing of your tattoo. So if you are newly inked or planning to make a new tattoo then this article is defiantly for you.

How much time tattoo takes in Healing

Generally, a tattoo takes almost 4 weeks in healing time but it is not the universal as it depends upon majority of factors like your skin type as if you have highly sensitive skin then your tattoo will defiantly take more than usual time and taking proper aftercare precautions.

6 Steps for Fast Tattoo Healing

So following are some steps that will helps to boost the healing process of your tattoo and make your tattoo experience more classic and enjoyable.

1. Use Best Tattoo After Care products

It is highly important that you must choose right aftercare products for your tattoo as there are several products available in the market that offers different ingredients. So make sure that your product must contain organic ingredients that will not harm your skin. Before that, you must be aware about the various types of aftercare products that will helps in protecting your tattoo.

Lotion: A best quality lotion will helps to provide proper moisture to your tattooed skin and keep your tattoo away from dryness.

Soap: Make sure that your soap must contain antibacterial properties so that it will protect your tattoo from infection and itching.

Ointment: A tattoo ointment will helps to nourish your skin and will keep your tattoo away from irritation.

So you have to choose the best quality aftercare options from above recommendations.

2. Follow Guidelines of Tattoo Artist

A tattoo artist will show the exact path through which you can easily heal your tattoo. So make sure that you must  follow the precautions that are prescribed by your tattoo artist as he have a lot of experience so he will give your best advise considering your tattoo placement and type of skin that you have.

3. Keep Your Tattoo Clean

In initial days of your tattoo you must be very conscious towards the cleanliness of the tattoo as dirt or outside environment may cause infection on your tattoo. So keep your tattoo in the safe environment and take proper care of it up to 10 days of getting tattoo because chances of infections are quite higher in these days.

In order to clean your tattoo, you may use above prescribed tattoo aftercare products that will not only heal your tattoo fast but also maintain the glow of your tattoo.

4. Avoid Re bandage it

Re bandage of tattoo will make trouble in breathing of your skin. So make sure that you should not cover the tattoo with bandage again after removing the initial one. The another reason behind not applying bandage again is that it will create high moisture that further disturb the healing process of tattoo.

5. Avoid Scratching over it

Scratching is quite common in initial days of getting a tattoo. You will defiantly feel itching at the tattooing place but you have to control it. However, if you are facing itching that means tattoo healing process is running.

Another reason of not scratching is that upper layer of tattoo will get affected that further ruin your new tattoo.

6. Apply Sunscreen while going Out (Protect from UV rays)

Sun protection is the most important prescription for new tattoo aftercare. So in the initial days of getting tattooed, make sure that you must apply good quality sunscreen that will helps to protect your tattoo from the harmful UV rays that may affect the darkness of your tattoo.


So we have reached the end of this article.

We hope this information will really helps to heal your tattoo fast and make your tattoo experience extraordinary. If you apply the above prescribed tips then trust me! It will boost the process of your tattoo healing.

So if you like this information then don’t forget to share it or if you have any issues then let us know in the comment section of this article.

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