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How to Pull Off the Perfect Proposal

Finding the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with is an incredible feeling. Many people choose not to get married, but if you and your partner both like the idea of celebrating your love with your nearest and dearest, you might be thinking about popping the question. Asking someone to marry you is a nerve-wracking experience, and although you might be 99% sure they’re going to say ‘yes,’ that pesky 1% can drive you crazy! There’s also a lot of pressure to make sure that the moment you propose is special and will be remembered for the rest of your lives. If you’re getting ready to get down on one knee, here are some tips to help you pull off the perfect proposal.

The Ring

Buying another person’s jewelry can be a bit of a risky business at the best of times, as everyone has different tastes and styles, and it can be easy to get it wrong. Buying someone an engagement ring is an even bigger challenge, as this is going to be one of the most important pieces of jewelry they will ever own. For an idea of what they might like, look at the shapes, gemstones, and colors of rings they already own. For example, if they like a princess cut gemstone, you should probably look at princess cut engagement rings. If you’re still unsure, perhaps ask a close friend of your partner to come shopping with you for some guidance.

For surprise proposals consider buying Stefano Preferred– they allow you to buy a ring now and exchange it up to 180 days later.

Make it Personal

Proposing to someone in public might be something your partner would love, but for many people, public displays are very overwhelming. Make sure your proposal is personal and that you show your partner how well you know and love them. If this means asking them to marry you in a busy restaurant or on the big screen at a football game, then so be it. If not, think back to times they may have talked about how they would like to be proposed to and carry out their ideal proposal. If it’s never been discussed, take them to their favorite place in the world for an evening or a weekend away.

Element of Surprise

You and your partner may have already discussed marriage, but it’s still nice to have an element of surprise to your proposal. Otherwise, it might feel more like a business arrangement and knock all of the romance out of the experience. Avoid discussing marriage for a few months before you propose to throw them off track. They might still be expecting it, but they won’t know when or where.


Finally, try to make it as romantic as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with roses, candles, music, etc., and if you and your partner don’t like the holiday-card version of romance, you shouldn’t emulate that. However, a few details to make the moment feel all the more special should be present, such as those personal touches mentioned previously and perhaps some mood lighting, too.

Proposals can be overwhelming for both the person asking the question and the person being asked. Make sure your proposal is perfect by thinking about these points above while you plan for it.

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