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Easy ways to get chocolate and water stains off linen clothing

Women’s linen clothing is defined by the chic, elegant and professional style presented by linen fabric. The gorgeous all-season fabric has clothed prominent people from ancient times and remains the fashion industry’s best fabric. Linen properties align with different seasons and occasions, making it versatile. The fashion industry doesn’t limit linen to dress, skirts and pants. The fabric is pretty diversified to other linen products such as linen curtains, sheets, duvet covers, and more.

Regardless of the linen piece, linen is sensitive to stains, especially when realized late. It’s frustrating sitting on a chocolate spill or water. The messy stain reflects more and changes the fancy look of the material. Though irritating, the problem is not permanent. Naturally, linen fabric is lightweight, easy to clean, and dries fast. This offers great hope of cleaning the stain and drying fast to continue your daily activities.

How to remove chocolate stains on linen cloth

1. Get rid of excess chocolate

A concentrated stain can be straining but will eventually come off. Conduct simple practices to remove the excess stains.

  • freezing the stain

Sounds weird, right? However, it’s the most effective method to harden and stop the stain from spreading. You need to place the linen cloth in the freezer for a few minutes before washing.

  • Scrapping the stain

The stain will freeze and harden, making it easy to scrap it off. Use a butter knife to remove the stain gently. Again, you need to be fast since chocolate melts fast, meaning it might liquidate and spread more.

2. Treating the stain with washing detergents

Next, you must treat the stain by mixing laundry detergent, water, and stain remover detergents. Now, soak the line cloth in the solution for 10 to 15 minutes for effective results. Proceed and gently rub the stain but don’t remove it from the solution.

3. Handwash the linen cloth.

Keep checking the cloth, and once satisfied with the results, handwash the garment. You can also wash using a machine if required. Once clean, rinse and hang the linen cloth to dry. The process works for all Linen made clothes such as dresses, skirts, pants, sheets, covers, and more.

How to remove water stains online

Astonishingly, water can stain linen fabric. However, water drops from rain, window panes, water spills can soil your linen cloth. The removal process is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require potent bleaching agents.

  • First, prepare cleaning solutions: mix water and vinegar in the bucket and use the right amount based on the stain and cloth size.
  • Soaking process

Now soak the linen for one hour for fair distribution of the vinegar. After the soaking process, remove the cloth and squeeze out the solution.

  • Soak the linen garment again in water and laundry detergent

Again soak the line cloth in clean water (cold or warm) to completely remove the vinegar. Add your preferred laundry detergent and give it some time to soak.

  • Rinse and dry

Check whether the linen is clean and squeeze off the detergent. Please place it in clean water and rinse the detergent. Next, hang the cloth to air dry to avoid wrinkles.


Linen fabric is pretty sustainable regardless of the stain. However, you need to check on the washing instruction and cleaning solutions. Since the material is lightweight, ensure to use gentle detergents or cleaning agents for better results.

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