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5 Ideas To Make A Bedroom Cozy

No matter how extroverted, outgoing, and sociable you are, at the end of a busy day, you need a space to unwind, relax, and refresh yourself. This place is your bedroom – for most of us, it’s a sanctuary, safe haven, and private place of retreat. We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, and it’s important to have a neat, comfortable, cozy, and well-decorated bedroom.

Bedrooms are important because:

  • They are purpose-built for sleep, relaxation, and privacy
  • They provide a sanctuary when you want some Me Time
  • They are a private space for you to read, work on hobbies, etc.

How To Create An Air of Coziness

The adjective “cozy” refers to a state of being comfortable and snug. It can also define a place that’s inviting, welcoming, and intimate and promotes an air of restfulness and relaxation.

A large room can often feel impersonal, overwhelming, and cold. We have to work hard at making this space feel welcoming. This would need extra furniture, soft furnishing, rugs, carpets, drapery, artwork to fill large wall spaces, and huge beds.

With smaller rooms, the challenge is about striking a balance between coziness and clutter.

Here are five great ideas that would help you make your bedroom look cozy:

  1. Ceiling and Wall Treatment:Conventional wisdom dictates that a lighter color palette offers a feeling of openness and space. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to restrict yourself to the spectrum’s blue or gray end. Pick warmer, earth tones in lighter shades and play with different colors to create interesting effects. It’s important to keep the walls in a lighter shade to open up space, but you can certainly choose a richer tone for the ceiling. If you want to make a statement, select an eye-catching hue such as dull gold or copper to draw the eye upwards. Just make sure that you use it judiciously to avoid a busy look. Ceilings are often described as the fifth wall in a room, and they can pull the room in or push it out.


  1. Textures and Materials:Wood and terracotta in the right shades provide the “earth connection” for human beings and gives the feeling of a safe place to rest in. Use wood flooring in lighter hues, with a darker trim closer to the ceiling. Horizontal or vertical paneling on an accent wall gives the optical illusion of space. Terracotta or open brick gives warmth and solidity to a wall. Again, don’t overdo these materials, or you could end up with a crowded feel.

Use natural fabrics such as jute, cotton, or silk for your soft furnishings, throws, duvets, bedcovers, and draperies.

  1. Reflecting Surfaces: Mirrors should form an important part of a small bedroom. Place them strategically to reflect either open windows, doors, or corridors that lead to other areas. This tricks the eye into believing there’s more space than there is. Use a light mirror for enhanced reflectiveness.


  1. Floor Management:Ensure that you keep as many things off the floor as possible. Choose a low-level bed to increase the vertical space. If you need other furniture in the room, purchase items with legs that allow a floor view. Avoid tall, free-standing objects and bedside tables and lamps. Use the wall space instead.


  1. Soft Edges: In practical terms, it’s possible to constantly bump into furniture and things in a small room. Keep yourself safe and comfortable by choosing furniture and other items with soft, rounded edges. This creates a more gentle and cozy ambiance. Ensure that the mattress is comfortable and soft and that your bed doesn’t have hard or sharp corners.

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