Creating Content for Instagram 101

Instagram has over 500 million users, globally. Apart from being one of the most popular photo and video sharing apps with an Instagram video editor, it is a hugely popular social media site; and has quickly become one of the top sites for brand engagement.

Naturally, brands and businesses have flocked to Instagram to create content that inspires, entertains, and excites the audience. Instagram has empowered businesses to create a wide variety of content that makes it a popular place to generate leads, sales, increase revenue, and grow brand presence.

Today, we will look at different ways to create content for Instagram.

Define and set your business goals

Creating a perfect strategy that hits the right note and connects with your audience on Instagram is all about defining what you aim to achieve from the content. Some examples of such goals could be:

— Increase sales lead for the next month.

— Get more subscribers by 2x in the next 6 months.

— Engage with customers by 5x.

Always remember that whatever your business goals are for creating content on Instagram, they should be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound). It’s difficult to keep everything up today while simultaneously coming up with a steady flow of unique content that is interesting enough to engage your audience. The key is to sit down and define your goals, specifying what you want each piece of content to achieve, and make that happen.

Know your audience

Instagram has a wide variety of audience browsing, posting, sharing content every day, 24×7. And you can’t talk to everyone. That’s why it’s necessary to use your time and effort judiciously to first understand who your audience is and then segment them based on their interests, age, and location accordingly. These demographics will help you create a better content strategy as you plan.

Segmenting your audience is a practice that involves categorizing your audience into groups of who they are and what they like. This helps identify the groups of people most interested in your product or service and is a cost-effective and persuasive way to connect with potential customers. By knowing your audience well and categorizing them to create specific content that excites, inspires, and engages them, your content will prove to be successful.

Create an airtight content strategy

Everyone is unique, and for creating content for Instagram, once you’ve defined your goal and know who your audience is, it’s time to create a strategy around it. Content on Instagram is much more than just photos on a screen. From funny GIFs to short video reels to carousel photos, understanding which content format can impact your audience is crucial.

Think about what you want your content to talk about?

For example, you want your content to drive sales? Create content that might highlight the key aspects of your product, like a product demo.

You might want to, perhaps, make your audience talk more about you on social media? Trendy posts on popular topics might just appeal to the charm.

It is important to remember that whatever your content strategy is, your tone of voice should be consistent as it relates to your brand identity.

Sculpt your brand identity and create content around it

Your brand identity is what people identify with when they talk, see, or hear about your brand. For example, the brand identity of Apple is innovative, sophisticated, and simple. While you are creating engaging content for your Instagram account, sculpt a consistent and recognizable brand identity.

It is important to stand out amongst your audience, and you can choose from a range of identities that suit you best — Tongue-in-cheek? Plain Humour? Innovative? Serious?. Make sure your logo, design, and colors are consistent on every post and are consistent with your brand identity.

Use videos to create engaging content

Instagram, by nature, is a photo and video sharing platform. So, it makes sense to create content for Instagram that is geared towards these two formats. As video content grows at an unprecedented rate, you must plan and create content that is 70% videos. If you are not a professional, don’t worry, Instagram offers a host of tools like the video editor to edit video online and filter tools that can help you create engaging video content.

Write eye-catching captions for your content

Alright now that you have made your videos, content, photos, carousels, reels, etc., it’s time to persuade your audience by writing attractive, eye-catching captions. Captions are a whole different ball game on Instagram. Yes, people read what’s written on the photos and videos more often, but captions are a great way to make people interested in what you offer and generate more subscribers.

Caption writing is a unique form of copywriting. It should be short, but not too short, long but not lengthy, and must reveal what you offer without giving away too much. A great starting point is thinking about your ideal audience. How do they talk to their friends? Who do they follow on social media? Thinking and researching about these things will help you find the best way to write your captions that resonate with them.

Pro tip: Always add a call-to-action in your caption!

Find and use the best hashtags

Instagram hashtags can play an influential role in your content strategy. Use them smartly and see your posts reaching more people. The key here is to use hashtags effectively, not to annoy but pull in a new base of audience. To understand how they work, it’s wise to have a plan while creating your strategy.

The first way is to look at what your competitors are using and inspire or copy those. You know such hashtags are working because your competitors are using it generously. You can include up to 30 hashtags on a single post, but the ideal number is between 15 to 20.

Leverage influencers to create more content

Influencers make up for a large part of the Instagram Business. A lot of ad revenues and brand promotions are done using Influencer marketing. Influencers are people who have a formidable number of followers that brands leverage to reach out to. These vast sets of followers engage with the influencers on their posts, stories, videos, and share, like, and comment to increase brand awareness.

There are plenty of Influencers who are just starting out and can be leveraged for free. There are also highly paid individuals with millions of followers.

Create a content calendar

Every audience is different, so understanding your audience’s likes and interests will help you create a powerful Instagram content calendar. Before you get started with your content calendar, find the best time of the week to post, based on previous post engagements. Find the best time within that day, check what your audience is commenting, how are they engaging with your content, try to understand trends and patterns in the data. The analysis will help you see how your audience reacts to different content posts and, in turn, help you determine the best time and date to post different types of content.


Creating the right content for your audience happens over time. It’s best not to jump to any conclusion, especially to fixate on what works and what doesn’t. Your content is your asset and that which engages, entertains, and informs your audience takes time, effort, and feedback from your ever-growing audience. Apart from using the tips listed above, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open and really look into what your audience likes that way you can be sure of staying at the top of the game always.

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