Having trending pieces of jewelry like the ones from SH Jewellery, that would add a statement to your dress, is something we women crave for. While the fine jewelry made with diamond, gold, platinum, and gemstones are beautiful, they often give us the feeling of breaking the bank. That is where jewelry is crafted with common components like semi-plated metals, beads, glass, and semiprecious stones. The jewelry created out of these materials gives a stunning look and is affordable and guilt-free.

On the flip side, some jewelry has the probability of getting tarnished and causing skin allergies. However, you can prevent that by changing the way you store your jewelry and keeping some other factors in mind. We have listed them for you here.


Make a list of your jewelry and separate the diamond ones from the silver and the fine jewelry from the costume ones to prevent metal tarnishing from one another.


Moisture and liquids tarnish jewelry the fastest. Be it washing your hands, applying lotion, a spritz of perfume, or sweating on your jewels can lead them to tarnish. Even the oils on your skin can wear down your jewels over time. So make sure of wiping them before storing them.


Many people give away their metallic jewels while calling them old because they get tarnished, not realizing that some cleaning and polish will again make them look new. So before storing a piece of jewelry back in its place, make sure that it is cleaned and dried. For example, if you wore a silver bangle in a rainstorm, make sure to dry it before keeping it back. It is better if you remove the tarnish from the jewelry if you will store it for more than a week. Storing dirty jewelry for a long while can cause premature and excessive tarnishing. Additionally, if tarnished and non-tarnished jewelry are kept together, it can cause both the pieces to tarnish faster. You can clean your jewelry in the following way:

  • Mix lukewarm water with mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Saturate the jewelry in the liquid for a short span, then clean the dirt and the debris with a brush.
  • Finally, remove the tarnish with a silver polishing cloth.


Contact with the simplest things like air can result in wearing down your jewels. Considering the fact that while you wear the jewelry it is exposed to moisture, store them in a ziplock bag after letting the air out. If you can store them separately, nothing like it. For fine jewelry like a pearl, diamond, etc – store them in separate velvet cases they come in. You should never put pearls in a plastic pouch or box because it reacts and causes them to deteriorate. Diamonds are also not to be kept together. They are capable of scratching other stones or metals. Store your jewelry in a place at your home which has a constant temperature. If you stay in a high humid climate, keep your jewelry in a room with an air conditioner or dehumidifier. Costume jewelry is comparatively safe to be kept in the open, so you can store them on a jewelry stand. Moreover, costume jewelry is more for regular use, so it would be preferred to keep them in a more accessible place so that you don’t have to hunt for them while getting ready for work. You can keep necklaces in old metal rakes, or use twist ties from keeping them from getting tangled. If you are very fond of costume jewelry, try buying those that are rhodium plated. Rhodium never tarnishes unless the plating wears off.


Give your jewelry a protection shield against the air and particles that lead it to tarnish. Using jewelry protection spray can not only prevent your oxidized jewelry from tarnishing but also add an extra layer of protection for ones with sensitive skin. It adds extra protection from skin allergies, rashes, irritation, and hives.


The composition of nail paints is such that it prevents metals like copper, bronze, and silver from getting tarnished. So to prevent your metal jewelry from getting tarnished, you could clean them first and paint them with transparent nail polish to prevent tarnishing. Don’t clear coat pieces with gemstones, cover the gemstone so that it doesn’t get coated.


Another solution to keep your jewelry shining like a new penny would be to use clear spray paint. Keep the concerned jewelry in a box and spray clear paint over it. Since paint contains the characteristic of protecting against warm or rainy days, it would prevent the tarnishing of your jewelry quite effectively.

We hope that this guide will help you to store the different type of jewelry better, and also in removing tarnish from them when they occur.

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