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Laser Hair Removal For Legs – Facts You Need To Understand

Unwanted hair on legs can be annoying for anyone – especially women. Some methods can help you get rid of these unwanted hair and Laser technique is more effective. The technique is offered in leading spa centers and salon services.

  • The technique works best for all skin tones and hair color.
  • It offers a smoother finish as compared to waxing.
  • The laser technique is not as painful as waxing.

Even if the above-mentioned facts are true, there are still certain facts that you need to keep in mind. Being informed will help you decide if this procedure is best for you or not.

The best procedure for all skin tones

Laser technology works best for all skin tones. This means whether you are dark or light skin complexion person, this technique is safe for you. The experts make use of different settings to treat hair of different texture.

You can search for the best IPL leg hair removal Singapore options online and collect more information. In a few cases, if hair growth is thick, then you may need to undergo waxing first. The method will help in permanently remove hair from the leg region of your body.

Opt for a dry shave before using the laser technique

This may be an issue faced by women or men who have thick hair growth. If this is the case with you then the expert will always advise you for dry shave first. There is the benefit of dry shave, as removing and treating unwanted hair follicles becomes easy.

The process is also less time consuming and less painful. So, if you are also in the same category then you should opt for dry shave first before IPL hair removal.

Multiple treatments

The laser technique will work best if the sessions are divided after week intervals. To permanently eliminate hair you may have to undergo multiple sessions with the experts. The process involves damaging and burning hair-producing follicles.

So the moment this process has to be done, it will require the patient to undergo three to four sessions. A time period of one week is provided for relaxation.

Patchy dark regions

Once the hair follicles have been burnt, or if you are currently undergoing treatment, then you may face patchy dark spots on the skin. This usually happens because leftover hair follicles will tend to generate hair back again.

The process of hair growth is much slower than usual. Only active hair follicles will produce hair. Within multiple sessions, these hair follicles will also be treated by the expert. In most cases, patients may have to undergo five to six sessions.

Less painful

The laser treatment method is more preferred in the present time. There may be many different reasons behind this. The process is not painful or less painful as compared to any other technique. So the moment you are undergoing this treatment you may be informed by the expert about this in advance.

As compared to waxing laser treatment is more expensive. But in the longer run, it proves more cost-effective as it removes unwanted hair permanently. So if you have hair on your legs, then you should only opt for laser hair removal procedure.

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