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5 Most Common Causes Of Menopause & How Menoquil Can Help You?

Look – all women have to realize that there is nothing you can do to prevent menopause. For some women, it’s an awful time, full of unwanted ‘ailments’ that make them feel irritated and unattractive. However, it’s a natural part of life, and there are still steps to take to help you stay healthy, attractive, vibrant, and in control. And we have just the thing for you – MENOQUIL. Before we talk about it, let’s look at what causes menopause and how you can manage it better with this wonderful product.

5 Menopause Factors

The ovaries in a woman produce the egg cells that every woman is born with. These eggs will control her menstruation until she reaches menopause. Ovulation occurs when one egg (oocyte) gets released every month. A woman’s ovaries also make the two very important hormones, estrogen and progesterone. These hormones decline as well in menopause. What causes menopause is a natural part of life, and it happens when the woman’s ovaries stop releasing the egg every month, which means that menstruation stops. Let’s look at why menopause happens:

Insufficient Hormone Production – When your reproductive hormones naturally decline, that will be in your late 30s already.

Hysterectomy – For some women, a hysterectomy will mean the removal of the uterus but not the ovaries. That won’t bring on immediate menopause. Surgery that removes both the ovaries and the uterus does cause immediate menopause.

Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy – If you are having chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer, it causes symptoms like hot flashes, and your menstruation usually comes to a halt.

The Aging Process – Ovaries failing to produce normal levels of reproduction hormones before the age of 40 – this could be from genetic factors or autoimmune diseases.

Diet Diet plays a role as well. It is known that western women do consume much more meat than the traditional Asian woman’s rice-based diets. It appears that high-fat, low fiber diets cause a rise in estrogen levels. Women on high-fat diets have more estrogen activity going on than those on low-fat diets.


 As women move from perimenopause into menopause, they start to experience what they would call nasty symptoms like insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, weight gain, and libido changes. These women will greatly benefit from Menoquil. There are other women, however, who virtually ‘sail’ through menopause with only minor symptoms.

Menoquil is an organic formula to help all women going through menopause. It can be pretty stressful for a woman at home, at the office, or out socially, to suddenly “feel” a hot flush coming on, and no way to stop it! Start taking Menoquil so you can feel confident and secure when needing to be ‘cool, calm, and collected.

Menoquil Facts

First of all, it makes use of natural ingredients that help to combat the many what can be for many women, highly annoying symptoms of menopause. Menopause can start anytime from age 40 through to around age 58, but averaging around age 51. It is worthwhile considering Menoquil because the alternative to using it is by using prescription hormone replacement therapy. There are possible risks involved with taking HRT (hormone replacement therapy), though.

Menoquil is ideal to help your body’s hormones to come into balance naturally, and there are no side effects that usually come under much debate when it comes to HRT. By using Menoquil, you are helping to restore your premenopausal self, offering you relief from some unwanted menopausal symptoms like putting on weight and hot flashes, which can be so embarrassing at times, night sweats, and more.

This supplement is without a doubt, one of the best supplements on the market available today because it helps with every single menopausal symptom you might have, compared to other supplements – you’ll have to try it yourself, that’s all we can say.

What Ingredients Are In Menoquil?

Researchers of Menoquil say it is made of premium and carefully selected ingredients that are pure. The ingredients have been specifically designed to address and offer relief from the unfavorable manifestations of menopause you could be suffering from, and with no adverse effects that you can see in many other types of menopause treatment. Briefly, we will tell you what these super ingredients are and what they address:

 Vitamin D – It is a fat-soluble vitamin that strengthens weakened bones.

Calcium – Calcium ensures healthy bones and prevents the development of osteoporosis which vulnerable menopausal women can develop. Menoquil is rich in both vitamin D and calcium..

Phosphorus – This element helps to harden your bones and helps vitamins to be absorbed properly. Insufficient phosphorus can make you feel irritable, have joint discomfort, and an altered cardiac rhythm.

Vitamin K – This vitamin helps with bone density, preventing your susceptibility to osteoporosis and bone damage.

Green Tea Leaf Powdered Extract – A fantastic antioxidant that will also boost your energy levels. What a relief that it will have the ability to reduce the recurrence of your hot flashes.

Red Clover Flower Powder and Red Clover Powdered Extract – These are rich in estrogen-imitating compounds, these plants play a huge role in helping with hormonal imbalance.

Chaste Berry  ChasteBerry helps immensely with hormonal imbalances that occur during menopause. It is particularly good in helping to reduce the weight gain over the stomach area, which menopausal women often experience.

Guggul Gum Resin Powdered Extract – An organic gum extracted from the Commiphora Mukul tree, used in Ayurveda to support a various health cases such as balancing the hormones, improving mood, relieving headaches, hot flashes, insomnia, reducing cholesterol, and helping with weight problems.

Black Cohosh – According to studies, black cohosh is a top menopausal product because it is known to mimic the body’s natural hormones, lessening hot flashes and nocturnal sweating.

Dong Quai – Some women say that Dong Quai helps with relief from hot flashes. It is often touted to help with headaches, menstrual cramps, and fibroids.

Wild Yam Root Powder – It appears to have estrogenic properties, having a positive influence on menopausal manifestations.

Soy Isoflavones – Isoflavones make menopausal transformation easier. They also relieve somatic and psychological manifestations during this period.

Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Powder – Known as an erotic for some cultures, it improves sexual libido and supports a sexual endurance.

Black Pepper Extract  Even though black pepper extract does not have any direct relationship with the relief of symptoms of menopause, it helps with absorbing the other ingredients, making other ingredients more effective.

Does Menoquil Really Work?

Thousands of customers are raving about Menoquil and how it helped relieve the distressing marks of menopause. Menoquil helps to naturally encourage hormone balance by introducing components that mimic estrogen, the hormone that regulates bodily processes in women. Many consumers mentioned that it made their menopausal transition easier.

The PROS of Menoquil

  • It’s all-natural.
  • There are no synthetic hormones in it.
  • This treatment does not require a prescription.
  • It can be purchased conveniently online.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Menoquil is capable of relieving practically all menopausal symptoms; that’s how good it is – you might even find relief from other medical issues you have.
  • Women unable to take hormones because of medical reasons can take Menoquil.

The CONS of Menoquil

  • Some women are a bit sensitive to a few ingredients in Menoquil.
  • It is advised not to take Menoquil if you are using prescription medications.

Price and Discounts Available

There are packages on the official website where you can select from. Some Menoquil reviews report that it is reasonably priced but with massive benefits. It is extremely popular, so don’t delay buying it if you need help and feel you can’t cope properly. Order yours now; you won’t be sorry. You can buy Menoquil from the online website – keep your eyes open for discounts, etc. The prices are as follows:

1 Bottle – $44.95, plus shipping cost

3 Bottles – $114.62, plus free shipping

5 Bottles – $179.80, plus free shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy Menoquil? Get it on the Menoquil website or Amazon and also other shopping websites.

What is the price of Menoquil? Currently:

5 units of Menoquil will cost $179.80.

Meno Relief System is $84.94 (very popular).

3 units of Menoquil will cost $114.62.

The Starter pack, 1 unit, is $44.95.

Do you get discounts on Menoquil products?

Always look out for irresistible discounts when you buy on the websites mentioned above. Look on the Menoquil store website, for instance, where they sometimes offer a free 15-day sample; that’s how confident they are in the product.

Can I see reviews about Menoquil?

Look at the fabulous success stories about Menoquil reviews on the most of the online website, online Menoquil store and even on independent pages from satisfied customers.

Final Take on Menoquil

Women love it because it works and because it covers most, if not all menopausal symptoms. And there’s another advantage, you can take it from perimenopause-to menopause-to post-menopause; after all, it’s ranked as number one when it comes to top rated menopause supplements. That’s Menoquil, the foremost choice supplement to see you safely and happily through the menopause. Who doesn’t want nature to take care of them and bring out their best in how they feel and look? Simply put, it’s your secret weapon that keeps you on top of your game!

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