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5 Signs That You’re Suffering From Prostate Abnormality

Prostate check-ups and treatment for an enlarged prostate takes up a huge portion of a man’s health. Research shows that prostate cancer is likely to afflict 1 in 7 men at various stages of their lives. Despite this alarming rate of diagnosis, men are woefully ignorant of the importance of a healthy prostate and why it is necessary to undergo routine prostate exams. In fact, some are even unaware of what even is a prostate!

If you count yourself among such men, it is highly advisable to read on and learn more about the prostate as well as the various abnormalities to which the organ is susceptible.

The Prostate: Explained

To put it simply, the prostate is a walnut-shaped endocrine gland that plays a pivotal role in a man’s reproductive system. Located just below the bladder, the prostate encompasses the urethra through which men urinate. As a result of its position in the male human body, the prostate serves several crucial purposes. Firstly, this gland naturally produces a type of body fluid that is designed to increase the motility of sperm. In addition, the prostate is also known to control the urinary stream.

But there’s no real reason to worry as long as you keep a lookout for the warning signs of prostate abnormalities. You should visit an urologist immediately if:

  1. You have difficulty urinating

Ask any urologist and they will tell you that one of the first signs of an abnormal prostate is painful or difficult urination. This is generally an indication that the prostate has grown in size and is thereby restricting the normal flow of urine. Dribbling, weak or interrupted urine streams accompanied by pain, discomfort, or a burning sensation are all guaranteed symptoms of an enlarged prostate. However, the treatment for an enlarged prostate has advanced tremendously over the years. The medical treatment usually features a combination of administering urinary retention medication and providing supportive care.

  1. There’s blood in your urine or semen

Another symptom of an enlarged prostate is noticing trace amounts of blood in the urine or semen. This is usually caused as a result of the prostate getting infected by bacteria.An abnormal or unhealthy prostate can severely affect a man’s ability to conceive. In the absence of the fluid that quickens sperm motility, the chances of impregnating a woman might be debilitated.

  1. Your lower back or rectal area aches

After several medical research studies, the onset of acute lower back pain or hip pain has been strongly associated with metastatic prostate cancer. But it is important to note that isolated back pain might not necessarily indicate the presence of such a disease. A sprain or the presence of kidney stones can also be responsible for the ache in your lower back.

  1. You experience pain while ejaculating

According to existing medical literature, painful ejaculation is often a symptom of an inflamed or swollen prostate. The disease that causes the swelling is known as prostatitis and it can appear due to some nerve damage or bacteria contaminating the urinary tract. While there are several available treatments for an enlarged prostate, it might be best to maintain a healthy prostate by yourself. In order to reduce the risks of prostatitis or even prostate cancer, urologists strictly recommend eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Steering clear of sugar-based eatables is also important as men with diabetes are more prone to develop an abnormal prostate.

If you find that maintaining a balanced diet is not affecting your sexual performance, male supplements like Prostatix Ultra might come in handy. By taking a capsule per day, Prostatix Ultr    a can protect your prostate and ensure its well-being for many years to come.

  1. You’re feeling nauseous and fatigued

Contrary to common misconceptions, prostate abnormalities can also be asymptomatic in nature. This means that there might not be clear signals of an enlarged prostate. Instead, an unhealthy problem can lead to less severe symptoms such as mild fatigue, nausea, and even vomiting. A sudden reduction in weight propelled by loss of appetite also points to an abnormal prostate. In such cases, the treatment of an enlarged prostate can only be prescribed after a proper diagnosis by a healthcare provider.

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