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Pumping Hair Growth with Pumpkin Seed Oil

The beauty market has always been flooded with newly discovered and potential ingredients for hair growth problems. Yet, many consumers still have difficulty looking for the best hair growth shampoos, conditioners, serums, and oils that will best benefit their locks. Some people are also afraid to explore and try products with new ingredients for their hair.

Well, if you’re one of the brave souls who can deviate from their accustomed hair care habits, you can reconsider pumpkin seed oil as your hair growth solution. This ingredient is an oily substance extracted from the roasted seeds of pumpkin fruits. Its nutty taste is used to enrich many culinary dishes, and its rich fatty acid content has been advantageous in alleviating health-related problems, including hair growth issues.

How can pumpkin seed oil pump your hair to thrive well? Check out all things you should know about using this ingredient for hair growth and regrowth.

4 Things That Pumpkin Seed Oil Can Offer to Improve Hair Growth

  1. It can help hasten your androgenetic alopecia treatment.

Suffering from alopecia or hair loss is distressing, and it may even affect the way you see and feel about yourself. For instance, androgenetic alopecia (AGA) can make your hair sparser all over your pate. But with pumpkin seed oil as a topical treatment, you can say goodbye to your hair loss problem. In 2014, a group of Korean researchers had found pumpkin seed oil’s ability to prevent 5α-reductase activity, an enzyme responsible for DHT production. Thus, this inhibitor can prevent DHT-induced alopecia. Another study in 2019 also showed that male-pattern baldness could be treated, thanks to PSO’s fatty acids and phytonutrients. Therefore, using PSO topically can help increase your hair count and density.

  1. It can provide your hair with a myriad of mineral nutrients.

Besides vitamins, minerals are also essential nutrients to boost your hair growth. It’s a good thing that pumpkin seed oil can provide your hair’s nutritional needs, such as magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. Magnesium can prevent calcium from clogging your pores, while phosphorus can prompt root hair growth. On the other hand, copper is vital for your hair’s melanin production. Without these minerals, growing your hair will be such an arduous task.

  1. It can fortify your hair follicles against free radical damage.

Heat, pollution, alcohol, and stress are top contributors to oxidative activity in the body, leading to free radical production. These unpaired radicals go berserk and attack the healthy cells in order to steal their electrons. As a consequence, cells get impaired and die in the long run.

To protect the hair cells surrounding your follicles, you need pumpkin seed oil. It is rich in vitamin E with antioxidant properties that can ward off oxidative stress. PSO’s fatty acids can also counteract the effects of free radicals.

  1. It can solve your dry and brittle hair problems.

External factors can ruin your hair’s texture, making it course and super dry. Well, the pumpkin seed oil is an excellent ingredient in sealing moisture for your dry and rough tresses. It also coats your hair strands with a protective layer that prevents heat and radiation from penetrating your hair cuticles. PSO’s high vitamin B3 and mineral content also strengthens your hair shaft to avoid strand breakage.

Opt for a PSO-enriched Hair Growth Product.

Never be afraid to try something new for your hair, such as pumpkin seed oil, for it is one of the many beneficial ingredients for growing your locks. To receive its benefits, you can slather the oil directly on your hair, mix it with your personalized hair treatments, or buy PSO-enriched hair growth serum. By doing so, you can pump hair growth without leaving any chance for hair damage.

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