How to Ensure Your Raincoat Keeps You Dry

Do your raincoats keep you dry? If not, there are some things that you do not check thoroughly, as you buy one. Since it is business as usual as it is raining and pouring. Buy the lily lulu waterproof rain mac coat to keep you dry and looking stylish during rainy weather. Today, raincoats have made fashion strides with a growing number of designs coming out every season. However, how do you know that the style you prefer will keep you dry during the wet weather? Thus, it is important to put a lot more thought into the purchase of your raincoat to ensure that it keeps you dry when it rains. While you shop, there are some of the details that you should look out for, for instance, lined pockets, welded seams, and others. As you read on, there is a guide that will help to ensure you stay dry and conquer showers in style.

The coating material

The material of your raincoat is important, and many designers stress this as well. This is because it will contribute to you staying dry. For instance, if you wear a canvas parka coat, expecting your boots and umbrella to keep you dry, it will disappoint you. Therefore, what are the best materials to opt for? Rubberized cotton, waxed, or polyurethane is some that will offer maximum protection from its elements. Cotton or wool is not a good choice as they are natural fibers, absorbent, and you do not need this when out and there is a downpour.

Check the seams

Many people discover whether the seams are good or bad in the rain. For instance, stitches on the main seams in materials like polyurethane will not help to hold the coat together, and thus it will not protect you from the rain too. Since the water will seep in through the small stitching holes. So, use stitched seams with taping on the backside to stop the rain from getting inside. This is done by the use of heat to help the materials melt and stick firmly together. In this way, the seams will be 100% waterproof.

Has a hood

In inclement weather, hoods are clutch. More so, if you are not the type to lug around with an umbrella. Plus, if you wear a hood, you do not need to carry an umbrella or a rain hat. So, all you need to do is finding hoods that have adjustable strings to help you tailor the fit to your head in a way it eliminates a lot of contact with water. Although a hood will not ensure that you have complete dryness. It will come in handy to help you reach where you are going and your head will not be completely wet. However, waterproof mascara is a must where there is windswept rain for the ladies.

Air out

Some raincoats may keep the water out, while some hold all of the heat inside. These types of super over    heated raincoats will not keep you dry as well. This is common with coats that have materials that reduce their natural ability to breathe. As a result, they become warm but sweaty too due to the poor ventilation. Especially if you live in more humid and warmer climates. Therefore, opt to buy coats that have built-in ventilation and also those with eyelets under the arms to allow the warm air to get out. The vent pockets and vent holes will ensure there is good airflow throughout the jacket.

In summary, adding to the above, choose raincoats that have more material flaps over the zipper pockets to keep rain from leaking in, and you can carry your wallet and phone and you are sure they remain dry and cozy. Also, choose one with a belt that will allow you to layer with ease. Since you need to look stylish too, you can buy raincoats in neutral colors that you can pair with colorful rain boots and bright colorful umbrellas too. Consider the above tips as you shop for your raincoat. Plus, dressing for the rain there is more to the coat, and you can be warm and fashionable too.

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