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Boxer Shannon Briggs says Marijuana Saved his Career

Shannon Briggs was destined for boxing greatness, with a record of 60 wins and just six defeats – that was until he posted a positive drugs tests for having eight-times the legal limit of testosterone for his size and 46 years. Briggs has been out of action for the best part of two years now, but he has his eyes set on a comeback, with a boxing goal and, amazingly, a cannabis goal.

High on Briggs’ agenda is to deliver a knockout blow to cocky former world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, the other is to advance the case for cannabis and, specifically, CBDistillery gummies. In a recent interview, Briggs explained that just a few years ago, he was severely overweight, coming in at 400 pounds. However, he claims that CBD treatment helped him to shed 160 pounds, or 40 percent of his overall body weight. Briggs says that when he returned to the ring, he had “10 times the fight,” and it’s hard to disagree – the American is unbeaten in nine fights since making his comeback, eight coming by way of knockout.

“CBD changed my life,” said Briggs, poignantly.

Briggs says that cannabis products has been the best coping mechanism he has ever used to tackle his lifelong battle with depression. He says that marijuana usage has enabled him to put suicidal thoughts at bay and concentrate on his abilities as a boxer.

Sportsmen subject to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules remain unable to consume marijuana immediately before and during competition, due to the 150 ng/ml THC limit. However, restrictions on cannabidiol (CBD), a therapeutic compound free of psychoactivity, were lifted at the beginning of 2018.

Briggs is so keen on promoting the benefits of CBD, that he has started up a new Koi CBD, called Champ RX LLC. In addition to advancing medical cannabis, Briggs is also determined to tackle the opioid crisis, which claimed nearly 60,000 lives in 2016.

His message is short and simple, yet powerful. “We gotta come together to save lives.”

Getting in the ring with Fury

Securing a fight with Tyson Fury may be easier said than done for Briggs. The British heavyweight is also on the comeback trail, yet the animosity between the pair is apparent for all to see. Both have thrown verbal barbs at each other. Briggs commented, “He’s sick,” before warning, “So I’m going to rid boxing of him.”

In fact, Briggs recently thought that he was about to come face to face with his British nemesis, when he eyed a bald Fury-like man in a hotel lobby. He was, however, mistaken. Let’s hope he’s a bit more successful in stumping for CBD!

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