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7 Things Women Say They Love in Men

Men do most things to impress women, even if they deny it. Most of them wouldn’t even wash their face if they were going to an all men event. If you are trying to create a good impression, you should do something that they like instead of doing things that you think they like. Here are some very useful pieces of advice to help you impress women by showing the qualities they seek. 

Groomed Look

You don’t need to get plastic surgery if you have been told by a friend. All men are attractive and each has a unique look and personality. You should also know that women are not as much into looks as most men think. They only notice how well-groomed you are. You are always sharp with perfectly groomed hair when you have a hair trimmer. This is why you should buy one of the Andis hair clippers and keep it at home.  

Humble Confidence

Confidence is an attractive quality but overconfidence is a mood killer. You should show confidence in yourself but at the same time, you should be humble. Women love confidence and they love humility. Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t come off too strong and you should be proud of your looks. 

Clean Humor

Funny men are attractive. However, you don’t have to become a stand comedian. Those kinds of funny people get straight in the friend zone. You should have a good sense of humor without making dirty jokes or trying too hard. Make her laugh but it shouldn’t appear like you are a comedian. 

Good Listening

Women dig men with good listening abilities. Listening doesn’t just mean sitting silently and letting her speak. It means trying to understand her feelings. You should keep an open mind and make her feel comfortable instead of judging her. She would fall in love with you if she feels comfortable with you and doesn’t get the fear of judgment from you. 

Love for Kids and Animals

It’s also a scientifically proven fact that women love good fathers. You might not be a father but you should manifest the qualities of a good father. Seeing you get along well with kids would make her feel a strong attraction towards you. It won’t be just physical, she would think of you as husband material. The same is the case with animals because many people treat pets like kids. 

A Mild Scent

You should always wear a good cologne. It should feel like it’s your natural body odor. Find one good scent and wear it every day instead of trying out different brands every day. The scent should not be very strong. She should only be able to smell it when she is near you or trying to smell. 

Little Hard to Get

Although it can go sideways, women like men that are a little hard to get. This might not work in many cases, but it is human nature that they want things that they can’t have. You shouldn’t become too available too soon for everyone. 

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