Check Out These Cheap Wedding Favors After You Get Married

We all love the wedding season, isn’t it? It brings us so much joy, happiness, and fun. It is not just the unity of two souls but also two families. Besides that, following the traditions and the rituals, one can also add some spice by giving their loved one’s cheap wedding favors and showing them your gratitude and thankfulness for joining you on your big day. 

How Can You Impress Your Guests With Cheap And Customized Wedding Favors?

Wedding favors are usually a mark of celebration about the couple’s love, the more thoughtful the favor the more people are going to remember it. It could even be a souvenir that would have the couple’s names engraved on it. It will ensure that they will remember the couple every time the guest uses in the future. 

Here’s the list of some of the best wedding favors you can give your loved ones. 

Top 10 Cheap Wedding Favors:

  • Personalized Wedding Matches

The first wedding favor that is on our list is personalized wedding matches. Each box comes with 25 matches and each match stick has white tips and is made up of high-quality material. They are packed in white and black colored boxes that will add some richness to your grand party.

  • LifeSaver Mint Favors

Brace for lots of admiration with cool LifeSaver Mint Favors to delight your guests that are available with customized labels. Another trendy feature of these favors is that they also present sparkle and shine when attached to gift bags that adds further bliss to the occasion. Each guest should be served with 4-7 mints.

  • Silver Paint Cans

If you are getting married soon, don’t miss on these lovely and cute classic-looking silver-colored paint cans that can add more glitter to your dining table or if used as a home decor element. Measuring 2.75″ x 2″ (3.75″ tall with handle), the adorable rustic paint cans have been beautifully crafted to hold candies and deliver a great delight for your guests at the wedding.

  • Personalized Tea Bags

Impress your wedding guests with the stunningly-packed tea bags that are available in customized labels to make the event everlasting. The cute-looking tea bags are wrapped with a white gloss envelope to preserve the rich and soothing aroma and freshness of the high-quality tea.

  • Floral-Printed Water Bottle Labels

Get yourself these favors to impress the guests at the dining table. 100% waterproof polyester floral printed water bottle labels for your wedding favor. All you need to do is remove the existing labels off the bottle and then add the floral print labels on it to provide a new look to your water bottles.

  • Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener

One of the most hottest-selling cheap wedding favors, which presents an antique brass-finished cowboy boot bottle opener. The mere silhouette of the boot is seductive enough to induce an adrenaline rush in the wedding event. Available with glossy custom tags, the cowboy-themed favors will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

  • Flip-Flop Bottle Opener

Slay your guests with the cool and trendy flip-flop bottle opener, which comes in the shape of footwear while the base has a sturdy cut from which you can pull out the bottle opener. The footwear shape also has a blue color rubber strap attached to the metal base to add more originality and cuteness to the product.

  • Customized Scented Soap

The personalized wedding favor soaps come with a sweet fragrance that is suitable for all skin types as it helps to add moisture to your skin. Wrapped in a beautiful straw-colored, the valuable gift for your guests comes packed in a pear color box tied in a satin ribbon of the same color.

  • Metal Airplane Bottle Opener

Fly your guests to wonderland with the legendary airplane from the World War 2 era collection, which has been shaped to also work as a bottle opener. The metallic finish on the airplane has an unmatched potential to amaze guests at any wedding event. Sized 3 1/4″ x 3″, the pocket-friendly vintage airplane with a single propeller is a must wedding favor to delight your guests.

  • Wedding Rally Towel

Get these customized printed towels for your big day and make your guest happy with these wedding favors. You can get your name and date printed on these towels. The towels are soft and made from the highest quality cotton terry materials, which are available in multiple colors.

Note: All these fantastic items are available exclusively on the website. 

Make your day more memorable and grand by giving your loved ones these cheap favors. Show them your love and your gratitude without expressing it in words.

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