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How COVID-19 and Zoom are Changing the Face of Cosmetic Surgery

Does this sound familiar? You’re on a Zoom teleconference. You’re trying to pay attention to the speaker. But your eyes keep drifting to your own image at the bottom of the screen.

You start to ask questions like, “Are my eyes starting to sag? Do I really look like this? Is the lighting bad in this room? Should I start tanning?”

If this sounds painfully familiar, you’re not alone. Over 50% of surveyed people admit that they find themselves staring at their own faces on video calls.

COVID-19 has changed how we see ourselves, by changing how often we see ourselves. This has led to a surge of people Googling Toronto Plastic Surgeons and has created an unexpected mini-boom for the cosmetic surgery industry.

Zoomed In

Let’s say there is something about your appearance that you don’t love. Maybe it’s your nose or the skin around your eyes. In the pre-COVID world, you would see this a few times a day, at best. You might have been briefly reminded of this insecurity when you stepped into an elevator with mirrors, or when a friend posted a candid picture of you on Facebook.

But now, you may take multiple video calls every day. You may have that tiny mirror image at the bottom of the screen staring back at you for hours at a time. You’re now acutely aware of exactly how that little flaw looks when you’re talking, listening, or taking a sip of coffee.

That little flaw has quickly grown into a major insecurity. It’s only human to want it gone as soon as possible.

Shifting Attitudes

The webcam experience we just explored is likely one of the reasons that the general public’s opinion of cosmetic surgery has changed in recent years.

In fact, during the pandemic, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons surveyed people who had never had any plastic surgery. An astonishing 49% of those surveyed said that they would be open to plastic surgery in the future.

Compare this to a report from 2014 that showed that only about 17% of those surveyed would consider plastic surgery, while another 49% flatly opposed it, and 34% weren’t sure. That points to a major shift in attitudes in only 6 years.

Know Your Options

You know you want to look better, but you’re not sure which procedure is right for you. Your first step should be to meet with a qualified plastic surgeon to explore all of your treatment options. But it helps to know the basics before your preliminary meeting.

If you’re looking for a more youthful and energetic appearance, a facelift (also known as Rhytidectomy) is a great option. There are different types of facelifts, but they all aim to counter the effects of aging, gravity, and sun exposure to help you look younger.

You may also be looking to target a specific part of your appearance or face. For example, if you’re looking to change your nose, you would most likely want rhinoplasty. Or, if you’re unhappy with how your eyes look, it’s possible to treat drooping eyelids or the bags under your eyes with blepharoplasty. These are only a few of your options. Your surgeon will have more detailed suggestions.

How long will these trends last? It’s hard to say. However, one thing is clear: If you’re thinking about plastic surgery these days, you are far from alone. You might even have to get on a waiting list.


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