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Every woman wants glowing skin. However, the quest for the kind of radiance we see on beauty product commercials leaves us trying many skincare regimes. We do not realize that, in some cases, a single product could be the solution to all our skin problems.

Facial tones are one of the best ways to ensure clear acne-free skin. Unfortunately, not many people fully comprehend the benefits of using face toner. Generally, toner is used just before moisturizing, to remove excess dirt from the face, and to adjust the skin’s PH balance. It helps remove excess dead skin and traces of oil as well as makeup.

In this article, we are going to highlight the reasons why using a lush toner should be part of your everyday skin regime.

  • Shrinks the pores

One of the most defined uses of toner is to shrink the pores. Dab some toner on a cotton ball and gently wipe the face to minimize the pores. Smaller pores give the appearance of luscious and smoother skin, giving you the much-needed confidence to walk around without necessarily putting on makeup.

  • Soothes the skin

Various things can cause inflammation and skin breakages. A face toner soothes the skin by releasing a calming effect that temporarily deals with the inflammation until a dermatologist finds the root cause of the problem.

  • Restores the skin’s PH balance

The skin’s PH balance is normally at 5.5. When we use products that alter PH levels, our skin becomes prone to rashes, redness, inflammation, and acne. In other cases, wrinkles might appear. The best way to avoid such alterations is to use vitamin spray that maintains your skin’s PH levels.

  • Removes oil and makeup

To have radiant skin, makeup removal should be part of everyday practices. Removing makeup saves the skin from inflammations, redness, and other unwanted conditions such as premature aging. Instead of vigorous scrubbing and rinsing your face for the umpteenth time, it is best to use your favorite face toner to remove oils and makeup that can be detrimental to the skin.

  • Skin hydration

Suppose you are looking for the perfect way to hydrate your skin even after make-up removal, use a toner. Toners help the skin retain moisture, allowing the skin to absorb your preferred moisturizing agent better.

  • It is used to tighten skin

When we hit the gym, the instructor quickly advised fitness enthusiasts to incorporate toning exercises into their everyday workout to ensure the skin tightens, avoiding saggy skin.

Fortunately, the same applies to face toner. Toners have been used over the years to tighten the skin, at least temporarily. However, the use of toners overtime will yield significant visible results in ensuring tighter skin.


Skin toner should be part and parcel of everyone’s skincare routine. Especially if you have sensitive skin, using a good toner is the first step to saying goodbye to skin-care problems.

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