5 Must-Have Items for a Winter Themed Wedding

Winter weddings glisten with a magical romance that no other season can seem to duplicate. Of course there are other problems that come with getting married in the winter months, such as keeping the bridal party and all the guests sufficiently warm.

But these are solvable problems when compared to the divine glow of getting married in a winter wonderland.

To achieve that look, it doesn’t take much effort. But a few things you’ll need are:


Whether you drape fairy bulbs over everything or have curtains of white lights, a winter reception just cries out for a little sparkle.

It’s safer staying with white, ivory, or silver colored lights for decoration, rather than going with brightly colored bulbs. You can use the richer wedding colors for the tablecloths, ribbons and florals, if you’d like.

You can get away with pale colored bulbs such as the palest pinks or blues if you can find them and absolutely must have them, but be careful not to go from winter wonderland to garishly overdone.

Another option for lighting is using candles. Put them wherever you can safely do so, and use them for both the wedding and the reception.


You’ll have less flower options to choose from in the winter, and fresh flowers can be expensive, but the combination of twinkling lights and flowers is a must.

Consider renting your flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms. Click here to choose from designer arrangements that look real and smell simply divine. Bonus: they won’t wilt! They’re also super easy to return.


In addition to the florals and greenery you can rent, work some fresh pine boughs onto the buffet table and other strategic areas to add the scent of a winter forest into your celebrations. Add ribbons in your colors and scatter some pine cones au naturel, or sprayed with glue and rolled in snowy, iridescent glitter.

If pine cones aren’t your thing, add some crystal pieces where you can, though they both go well together, too.

Christmas trees can be lovely, but a row of cheap fake ones with lights only can stand out in an unattractive way. Unless you have a specific idea for decorations and sufficient ornaments, perhaps stick to just one beautifully decorated tree or just the boughs and flowers.

Plans for Inclement Weather

If you’re using a wedding tent, make sure to rent plenty of patio heaters to keep your guests toasty. You may also need a few shawls and throws on hand for those who get cold easily.

The wedding dress should have an attractive cover such as a white faux fur or velvet shawl, or the bride could wear a long-sleeved dress and wear warm silks underneath. Make sure the bridesmaids are also sufficiently warm.

For the groom’s party, The Groomsman Suit has wonderful suits and tuxedos that the guys get to keep for about the same cost as rentals. If using a tent, consider choosing the vest that goes with the suits, and having the men wear silk tights underneath.

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, have a bunch of umbrellas on hand in case they’re needed to transport guests to and from their cars.


The wonderful thing about winter is you can choose richer, heavier foods. You can have a hot cocoa bar, mulled wine, meat pies, roasted vegetables, hot soups, cheeses, fondues, and other festive fare.

Have a beautiful, brilliant wedding day!

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